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Why i miss college

Posted by: Wenly | Publish time: 2014-5-27 00:12| Views: 1386| Comments: 2|帖子模式

10. Have a nap anywhere

College days are one of the best times in our life. There is fun, freedom and friends. You could take a nap on your college desk without being bothered about anything until your friends find out. There is no better fun than enjoying with your friends.
9. Costume/Halloween Day

There is no joy like wearing your favorite superhero costume to the college and what makes it more exciting is the anxiety to find out how and what your friends have dressed up as. College life is just so much fun.
8. Night outs & Sleep overs

The sleepovers and the night outs were amazing. You make plans to sit together and complete a project or study but most of the times it doesnt work like that. Instead you end up posing for weird pics or playing a game together, whatever it is, its just those days that were enjoyed to the fullest.
7. Crazy Parties

Those crazy house parties are what we miss the most. There is no better fun that spending time with your close friends, eating , drinking and enjoying till the dawn. Not to forget the crazy things that we have all done in these parties.
6. Drunken Fun

Ok, we all get drunk at parties with our college friends and what follows after that is the funniest part. Whether it is making costumes from beer labels or dressing up like a roman emperor, its all just so memorable.
5. Study time

Who needs a study table? We all have done this at some point or the other. From bedrooms to bathroom, we have studied for exams at different places in our house and in different positions.
4. Teach like a boss

Physics is best taught using practical applications. Here is an example of how well science can be taught in a class. These are times that are never going to return in our life. Getting a friend to be your assistant while teaching makes it more fun.
3. Tied up

Tie up a friend who is fast asleep. The guy will be in for a shock when he wakes up. The best way to do it is by taking the chair to a different room and locking him up in the dark.
2. Camping time

No time for camping outdoors? Not to worry when you can set up tents inside the house and create a similar environment. It is something we all have done during night outs at our friends places.
1. Craziness undefined

Just one of the many stunts and tricks we try in our college life. Not any of us would ever think about the consequences of doing such things. It is just so much fun and if you have some special tricks up your sleeve then why not just show it off?

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boundless Post on 2014-5-27 16:26:20
Only study before final exam
Wenly Post on 2014-5-27 23:30:07
boundless replied at 2014-5-27 16:26
Only study before final exam

And now final exam is coming

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