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Call together Data analysis enthusiast 图说世界项目

Posted by: Fox | Publish time: 2014-6-2 13:30| Views: 2307| Comments: 0|帖子模式

WE club call together Data analysis enthusiasts:
We have already had the project of World on charts and "DXD工坊",hope more people can join us!
You can join the existing studio and project or you can create your own studio, find your partners and begin your original work in WE club.
WE club will try the best to promote your work!

If you are interested, please go to
Introduce yourself in(member self-introduction),it will be easy for you to find your partners  and make up a team.

To join the existing studio and project or obtain more details, you can connect with the Moderator ElenaChen by message!


WE club网站招募对数据分析和图片新闻有兴趣的人员:
你们可以加入现有团队,也可以自己组建工作室在WE club招募自己的成员和发表作品。WE club会免费为你们的作品进行宣传。
请先自我介绍(member self-introduction),方便找到你相同爱好的人组建团队。

可通过站内信功能联系版主 ElenaChen,询问现有项目的具体事宜,方便您开始您的原创内容!

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