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Then and now

Posted by: Fox | Publish time: 2014-6-12 16:33| Views: 1230| Comments: 0|帖子模式


#1Big Bang Theory
How can we not love it

#2Growing UpCan definitely be fun

#3Baby Girl AnistonDon't we all miss the girl next door

#4Julia RobertsShe looks so much more put together now


ArnoldNow that's an extremely unflattering shot

ClearlyYou see they have an incentive to make us be skinnier and skinnier

Money ShotWow... Check out Hilary and Bill when they were young. Nerdy enough?

Cutie Then and Cutie NowNow I wish I could be as timelessly cute

From: ... t5MFd9H7t41wUYiW0fO

Puberty (You are doing it right)

Puberty (You are doing it right)

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