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How to upload pictures?

Posted by: boundless | Publish time: 2013-12-26 17:08| Views: 372479| Comments: 0|帖子模式


Copy and paste pictures from other websites

You can copy and paste pictures from other website directly when you have copyrights, otherwise you should mention the details about where you obtain the picture and the information of author!

Upload pictures from computer or smart phone:
The way of uploading pictures from your computer to WE club website is similar with those of other websites (e.g.,Facebook).
Please upload the pictures according to the following process:

Start a thread:

Click the "Post" or "Advanced mode", don't edit the thread in the "Quick post" edit box.



Open the thread edit box and then:

1. Click the 2.jpg in 1.jpg .

2. Click   1.jpg to select the picture you want to upload.

3. Move the cursor to the place where you want to insert the picture, and click the picture as below to insert it into your text (Don't drag).

4. When your picture is more than 1mb, the picture will like this 2.jpg , it does not matter and it will display well in your posts. But if the background is black, the submission will be fall. Please decrease the size of your picture by Photoshop or other tools. Normally, the size is better less than 1mb.

5. Click "OK"6. Pubish your thread, Click "Thread", not "Save draft".

Tips: If you can not upload the picture according to the process mentioned above. Please try:
1. another browser
2. reset your browser: internet options-advanced-reset
3. lower the security level: internet options-security or your Anti-virus software

Quick post(suitable for thread without pictures) or Reply others' post:
1. Click the 33 (2).jpg in 33 (1).jpg
2. Paste the link of Image you find in the internet.
3. Click "OK"
or Click "Advanced mode"

After posting, you can edit your thread by:

1 - Copy.jpg

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