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Ten kinds of snacks of 70s and 80s

Posted by: Wenly | Publish time: 2014-7-25 00:51| Views: 1380| Comments: 1|帖子模式

From http://tieba.baidu.com/p/3179973408?pn=1
Roast sweet potato
Sweet-smelling and sweet-tasting.All you can see is delicious.

An old man carrying a gourd-looking pot wandered about the streets,and made white rice into popcorn.He was the most popular magician of that time!

Stired syrup
Two popsicle sticks plus bright yellow syrup,only one dime!Just stir and pull,delicious and fun.

Cotton candy
It was the most incredible snack!Five cents each.Spoons of sugar goes in and balls of cotton candy comes out.It's eatable and sweet.It may be the kind of snack that I want most of my young age.

Sweetend roll
A lot of people ate it during their growth.It's a very successful hawthorn products which makes people bear it in mind for 20 years after eating it.One dime per stick.

It's real 'ppsicle'!There's only ice except a stick.Quite a bit of bang for the buck.Five cents each.

Dried plum powder
I should say no more.Everyone knows it.

Mouse droppings
Dark brown grains,like tiny cold capsules.Each grain is from 2 to 3 milimeters long.It tasted sweet and sour.Nowadays,maybe only people who want to commit suicide will eat them by mistake.

Bubble gum
It‘s long and wrapped with a half white and half red paper.A little girl stands on the paper blowing bubbles.It was absolutely the magnate before 'Dada' came out!


It printed 'Figs' on a small white bag.In it was the sweet and sour dried figs.I had been confused how real figs look like for a long time.These thin and dried filaments didn't look like flowers at all,not to mention fruits.But why was it called 'fruit without flowers'?


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boundless Post on 2014-7-25 10:44:50
I am so old that I have eaten all the things, but some packages are different.

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