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Red Scarves in Primary School

Posted by: Wenly | Publish time: 2014-9-1 00:14| Views: 1235| Comments: 0|帖子模式

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On Aug the 29th,2014,300 parents played the part of students wearing red scarves in Caotang Primary School West Campus,Chengdu,Sichuan Province.They had morning classes,did morning exercises,skipped rope,had classes and lunch.

The headmaster said the purpose of this action is to help the parents to go over the past school days and make them understand the school life and education ideas.Besides,the parents can also know more about their kids’ living states and behaviors.

The picture shows the parents were having class with red scarves.

The picture shows the parents were doing morning exercises with red scarves.

The parents were skipping rope with red scarves.


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