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A Collection of Mooncakes(2)——Welcome Mid-autumn Festival!

Posted by: Wenly | Publish time: 2014-9-8 23:59| Views: 1373| Comments: 0|帖子模式


Fruit and Vegetable Mooncakes
The fillings consist of fruits and vegetables like hami melon,pineapple,strawberry,wax ground,taro,plum,orange and so on.Fruit juice and pulp are also added into the fillings.So this kind of mooncakes have a pure,fresh and sweet taste.


Seafood Mooncakes
A kind of rare mooncakes.People always use abalone,shark's fin,laver or ray column as the fillings.The salty taste and the fragrant aroma are very famous.


Cool Mooncakes
Lily,green beans and tea are always mixed into the fillings.It's really a new idea as this makes the mooncakes have the function to help people be more beautiful.


Coconut Milk Mooncakes
The fillings are made up of coconut,milk and other fruits.It contains less sugar and oil than other kind of mooncakes.The sweet taste and the smell of coconut make it more special.Also this kind of mooncakes will do good to people's stomach and beauty.


Health Care Mooncakes
It's a kind of functional mooncakes.Ginseng mooncakes, calcium mooncakes,medicinal food mooncakes and iodine-contained mooncakes are all very common.

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