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A Family's 20 Years' Memory of Tian'anmen(2)

Posted by: Wenly | Publish time: 2014-10-10 23:58| Views: 1316| Comments: 0|帖子模式

From:http://news.163.com/photoview/00 ... #p=A7F8RRFT00AP0001

This was the photo taken in front the Tiananmen Gate.I stood there wearing a serious face.I didn't know how to make a pose then.


In 1999,the first unmanned spacecraft of our country was launched sucessfully.I stood in front of the Shenzhou Ⅰ and took a photo as a souvenir.


My father and mother also took a photo.


The Tiananmen Square was very beautiful with the lights on in the evening.My mother and I both wore a smile face.


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