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A Family's 20 Years' Memory of Tian'anmen(3)

Posted by: Wenly | Publish time: 2014-10-11 22:29| Views: 1544| Comments: 0|帖子模式

From:http://news.163.com/photoview/00 ... #p=A7F8RRFT00AP0001

On the National Day in 1999,our family spent a happy time and we shot this wonderful moment in front of the Tiananmen Gate.


When it came to 2003,my father still insisted to feel the atmosphere of National Day.


In order to celebrate the Beijing Olympics in 2008,lots of people were in front of the Olympic mascots.My mother took a photo there.


This was a photo of my parents.Due to my work,I hadn't meet them for over 4 months.


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