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Cambridge Test1 practice

Posted by: EL2014 | Publish time: 2014-11-16 23:05| Views: 63972| Comments: 4|帖子模式


Dear friends,
Please give some feedback.

Thank you very much!

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EL2014 Post on 2014-11-16 23:07:37
EL2014 Post on 2014-11-16 23:07:58
RyanFollent@FB Post on 2014-12-6 08:27:53
' is necessary for children to learn some useful communication skills such as how to *get* along with other people well *, since* the early education system would have *fundamental* impacts on one's whole life.'
1. when you said 'to go along with', it is used when you are going from somewhere with someone or something.
'To get along with' or 'to work effectively with' sounds more appropriate when you are talking about how well people work together.
2. 'usually since, ...' makes sense, but it sounds clumsy. Use the word 'since' like you would use the word 'because', and you will be okay.
3. The word 'fundamental' means 'the building blocks' or it can refer to the foundation of something (eg. ... impacts the foundation of one's whole life). 'essential' means 'necessary' or 'fundamental', but it sounds strange in this context, so use 'fundamental' instead.
You have done really well with your English. You still have more to learn, but you are going really well. Keep up the good work!!!
EL2014 Post on 2014-12-6 19:03:00
Thank you very much for your suggestion!

It is very helpful for my writing.

I will try to refine it!


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