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Self introduction

Posted by: RyanFollent@FB | Publish time: 2014-12-5 17:37| Views: 5144| Comments: 1|帖子模式

Hello, My name is Ryan Follent and I am new here at WE Club. I am excited to be apart of the club in Toowoomba City, and I am very enthusiastic in learning about foreign languages and foreign cultures. I am new to Mandarin, and I have started Chapter 1 in the Book and CD for 'Teach yourself Complete Mandarin Chinese'. But I need some help with speaking and listening to Chinese. Is there anyone in Toowoomba that can help me learn Mandarin and can anyone else help me find Beginner material to start learning Mandarin. Thankyou.

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boundless Post on 2014-12-5 18:44:20
Welcome to join us!
You can come to Chinese culture club to find someone to help you learn Mandarin.

Or you can improve your Chinese online.
My suggestion is that:

As a beginner, what you can do is increasing your vocabulary and write more correct sentences.

So you can start a thread in ""

Chose the "编译"Category"
You can post some picture news from other websites and type “one or two chinese word to discribe the picture”(as a beginner, first try to use one or two words and then try a whole sentence)
if you don't know how to type Chinese, use the google translate function."|zh-CN|"
You can increase your vocabulary in this way.

And Chinese people will help you correct your writing.

There is a team managering WE share and you can join them. Because they want to improve their English. You can give them some comments by reply their threads.They will help you in the same way.

You can contact them by "PM"function of Website. If you want improve your speaking and listening. You can try to do it online with them by Skype.

Nowadays,the Chinese team have shown a lot of Chinese news in WE share. But we also want more news from other countries. If you have time, may you put some interesting news in WE share. About any culture is OK, for example Australia, Korea which you are interested in.

Just remember any information from other website you should mention where it is from!

Thank you!
Hope this can help you!

Try to give some comments in WE share! So you can make some friends soon!

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