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Learning basic Mandarin Characters

Posted by: RyanFollent@FB | Publish time: 2014-12-6 10:08| Views: 5641| Comments: 1|帖子模式


my name is Ryan and I am a beginner in Mandarin, but I am starting to really get into it. I have a handy tip which I use to help learn basic Mandarin if you are finding it hard to make Mandarin apart of your every day life.

If you open the "Paint" program and open "Google Translate" on the internet, you can type in words you want to learn from English into Chinese, and you just copy the Chinese words and stick it in paint. Choose 10-20 words you find interesting or you want to learn, particularly ones you use alot, and make the paint page interesting with different colours, font sizes and font angles. When you have made it the way you want, save the document to 'my pictures'. After you have saved the document, you can go to background settings on your computer, and change the background to your Mandarin characters, and make it 'tiled' so that you can see the words all over your background. This will help greatly because you will always see the Mandarin Characters when you log on to your computer, and you can try and remember how to say them and what they mean.

If you use this method, always add new words or create new backgrounds with new words about every 2-4 days, so that you are always learning and finding new words to learn.

If you have any comments oon how well this works for you, or if you can give me any other suggestions so that I can improve my Mandarin vocabulary and speech, please write a reply, I am more than happy to hear any advice or support anyone has to offer. Thankyou.


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T2013 Post on 2014-12-6 16:14:59
I think the best way for a beginner. You should learn the vocabulary with pictures.

I have seen you draw a picture to help you learn some words in other post.
It is good way, but may cost too much time.
My suggestion is that you can collect the pictures from internet.there are a lot pictures teach you how to remember some words.

You can put them here.

On one hand, you can learn it when you collected them.

On the other hand, you can share this things with other learners.

Keep on doing it every day!You will find your progress.

As a beginner, suggest you start at basic ones, make the learning in a systematic way.

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