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Start your 1 on 1 learning team here!

Posted by: boundless | Publish time: 2014-12-6 20:41| Views: 5740| Comments: 0|帖子模式

WE club has organised a language learning group.

You can learn or improve your language in the following sub-forums:

Learing English:

Learing Mandarin:

Learing Korean:
(In future we may have other languages).

We hope to set up 1 on 1 or 1 on group studying team.

All of the members are teachers, and they are also students at the same time.

If you are interested. Please start a thread to write your "Member self-introduction" in the "Member self-introduction" catagory of one sub-forum(English, Chinese or Korean). Introduce yourself and show your contact (better show your email address). So people may contact you and set up the 1 on 1 studying team.

If you want to find a partner, you can check the Member self-introduction in relevant sub-forums. For example, if you are a Chinese who want to improve the English, you can check the Member self-introduction in "Learning Mandarin" sub-forum, there is someone who want improve its Mandarin can be your partner.

When you have a learning partner!
We suggest you improve the language with your partners by:
(1) If you are in same city, you can learning the language face to face.
(2) If you are not in the same city, you can learning online by:
    Give each other the language learning suggestions(Interesting Website, test book, online book.etc).
    Mark each others' composition by email
    Make an appointment to practice speaking online
    Using our "WE share" sub-forum.
             or "编译" in "图说世界" ... r=typeid&typeid=919
        Here you can start a thread about some interesting content (From your cultural background). If you copy the article from internet, please put the original article in your thread first and then write down your translation. Your partner and other people will give you feedback by replying your post.
        This is the best way to improve the language at the same time promote the multicuture exchange!

If you use QQ, you can join the QQ群:205332550  


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